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It’s all about cash flow baby!

Published on December 20th 2017

Keeping cashflow running is critical to a business. Read up on how to spot problems before they happen and ensure your business has healthy reserves.

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Making sure your business is set up for future growth

Published on December 13th 2017

Growth is good, right? Every business wants to sell more, attract more clients, hire more people, and most importantly, start bringing in more cash. When your business starts to take off, it’s exhilarating – but it can also be scary if you’re not set up for it. 

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Our top 5 tips to run a successful business

Published on November 30th 2017

Doesn't matter what type of business you are. If you're looking to grow, here's some simple but worthwhile tips including strategic planning, decision making, efficient systems and great software.

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Common business mistakes - and how to avoid them

Published on November 27th 2017

Some super quick business "life lessons" that we've learnt ourselves and from all the different businesses we work with on a daily basis. Some of these are common sense but they're ALL worth reading.

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Feature Release: Project profitability with staff cost rates

Published on November 17th 2017

One of our biggest user requests since we began has now finally been released in Roll! With a simple click of a switch, now you can see a true understanding of project profitability, based on the actual cost rate of your staff, rather than their charge-out rate.

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Bad clients will cost you money. What you should do about them.

Published on October 26th 2017

Bad clients will cost you money and your best clients aren’t necessarily the most profitable clients. Find out how to recognise bad clients and what you can do about it.

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7 tips to running a successful consultancy business

Published on October 24th 2017

Running a successful consultancy business involves processing work efficiently and understanding exactly what’s happening in the business and why. Here we list 7 tips that will add value to any consultancy firm.

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Feature Release: Advanced Filters on Projects, Quotes and Invoices

Published on September 19th 2017

It may sound small but it's anything but. If you log into your Roll account, you now have the ability to use advanced filters to set up custom views of your data.

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Tips for choosing the right cloud software for your business

Published on September 5th 2017

Choosing the right software tools for your business can be hugely time consuming. Get it wrong and it can have serious consequences. Read our smart tips to significantly speed up the process and ensure you choose software that’s right for you.

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Feature Release: Send invoices to multiple contacts

Published on July 26th 2017

Now, when sending quotes and invoices, you're able to add additional contacts from your company contacts list to the list of email recipients.

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Feature Release: Notifications

Published on May 3rd 2017

Our new notifications system will notify users immediately when they have been assigned to a task as well as notifying others attached to the task, when that task has been completed.

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Feature Release: File Uploads

Published on January 12th 2017

Upload and associate documents and files with your Roll projects — help keep important files like project proposals, project briefs, contracts and design files, associated with your projects.

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Feature Release: Time Reports

Published on October 6th 2016

We've just released a new Time Report in Roll that allows you to get even better visibility around the use of time in your business.

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Feature Release: Project Statuses

Published on September 5th 2016

Set Custom Project Statuses in Roll, allowing you to replicate the flow of work in your business giving you even better visibility and management of your projects in each stage of your workflow.

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Feature Release: Cost tracking, logging time on a task & more!

Published on August 30th 2016

Time for another ‘new in Roll’ update, And it’s a big one! If software development was an olympic discipline, our team would definitely be a hot candidate for a medal - in both the speed and the quality categories.

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Top SEO Tips from Top Experts: Simple ways to improve your search rankings

Published on August 25th 2016

We talked to five SEO experts to get their number one tip to improve search engine rankings for non-SEO experts. Check out what they told us.

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Top Social Media Marketing Tips from Seven Experts

Published on August 13th 2016

We’ve asked seven social media marketing experts for their number one tip - the one thing they recommend you do, to get the most out of your social media activity.

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Feature Release: Retainers & repeating tasks are now live

Published on June 16th 2016

You can now set up retainers and repeating projects and tasks in Roll, making it even easier and faster to keep track of your projects and tasks.

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5 practical tips to leverage the power of simplicity in your business

Published on June 9th 2016

Many of the greatest business leaders of our time are big advocates of simplicity.

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Feature Release: Time Dashboard

Published on February 19th 2016

Time is Money – That’s why Roll now gives you even more visibility into where your time is spent.

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Feature Release: Our biggest UI update yet!

Published on February 18th 2016

We’ve made a bunch of awesome improvements to our User Interface, so working with Roll is now even easier, faster and more fun.

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The Roll Team’s Top Events for Auckland’s Creatives & Doers 2016

Published on February 4th 2016

Check out our top events, conferences and meetups for creative people in Auckland in 2016.

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Get your Ducks in a Row in January

Published on January 5th 2016

Give yourself a shot at sticking to your New Year’s resolutions in 2016 by getting a head-start in January.

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4 Non-business things to do over the holidays to set your business up for success in 2016

Published on December 17th 2015

Get a break from your business this holiday season while still getting a head start for 2016. Yes, it can be done.

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Feature Release: Built in start/stop timer

Published on December 4th 2015

Roll now has a built in start/stop timer and improved search, filter and edit options in the time area of the project view. That’s time-tracking made simple.

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Do I really need 50 tools to be a successful freelancer?

Published on December 3rd 2015

Find out how many tools freelancers really need to manage their work and how to pick the right ones.

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Mapping your visitor journey

Published on December 3rd 2015

Getting visibility on your visitor journey can help you optimise your website for conversion. Here is a simple template that worked for us...

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Website Sprint

Published on November 16th 2015

How we developed and (almost) launched our new website in just 2 days.

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Say hello to the new My Tasks area in Roll

Published on November 12th 2015

There are no more excuses for forgetting about any of your tasks or missing due dates - thanks to the sleek new My Tasks area in Roll.

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Our 9 rules for successful Project Management

Published on November 5th 2015

Do a Google search for "project management tips" and you get almost 80 million!!!! results. So why did we feel the need to add yet another one? Well, because one of the reasons there is so much content on the topic is because it is so important...

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Words to the Wise – How to keep your customers

Published on November 5th 2015

We all know how important happy customers are to business success. But, just keeping your customers happy might not be enough to keep (and grow) your business...

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Task Management, usability improvements & bug fixes

Published on October 16th 2015

It’s time to get rid of your paper lists, messy post-it note systems and clumsy to-do list apps – Roll now does task management. We’re super excited to release this critical functionality to all our users. Check out the overview of how it works...

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Lightning Lab week 5 update

Published on April 10th 2015

This week has seen a big shift in focus, and it feels great to get things moving in the sales and traction arena. Our telemarketing approach has kicked off with a roar (17 trial sign ups in 2 days!), with an initial hit rate of 90% to trial signup. This is evidence that people are looking for a solution and we are getting some great customer engagement and feedback.

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Moving from Business Management to Business Intelligence

Published on April 7th 2015

The the current state of fragmented and feature-bloated software struggles to really empower the businesses that use them. If you want to move forward from simply managing your business, to having real business intelligence, you must find and use data in ways that truly supercharge your efforts.

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Tracking your leads and cash flow

Published on April 4th 2015

The two golden rules of running a successful small business is knowing where your leads are coming from and managing your cash flow. The Roll dashboard allows you to get these two pieces of crucial information in one place in an easily digestible format.

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Lightning Lab week 4 update

Published on April 3rd 2015

Easter and energy! The vision for our product is heightening, and we have had great support from mentors around us. Our current customer insights have been converted into an online survey which went out Thursday this week. We have also been making some small development changes following user feedback.

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Is the SaaS market really meeting the needs of small service based businesses?

Published on April 3rd 2015

In the last 10 years, there's been a massive shift away from desktop software towards SaaS applications delivered via the Cloud. Has this SaaS revolution really left small business better off or has the product missed the mark?

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Lightning Lab week 3 update

Published on March 27th 2015

Week three has been all about customer interviews, we conducted 20 this week and from there have validated that our target market of creative agencies is right, and that the best fit is with those who have aspirations to grow. We also have more insight into the problem these businesses all face.

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Lightning Lab week 2 update

Published on March 20th 2015

22 more mentor meetings and a St Paddy's day later. We have been doing research into the key pain points of small businesses, getting a better and bigger picture on the fuller process. Throwing assumptions out the door so we can really understand our customer. Good fun!

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Lightning Lab week 1 update

Published on March 13th 2015

So week 1 #LLAKL is over and what a ride it’s been! Overall our team is buzzing and super excited about what this process is going to bring for us. We have met with 23 mentors this week, and have been encouraged greatly as well as had our ideas challenged — and that’s the best thing for growth and improvement.

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Roll is part of Lightning Lab!

Published on March 9th 2015

We are thrilled to announce that Roll has been chosen as one of 9 most promising tech startups in New Zealand, to be part of Lightning Lab: New Zealand's Premier Digital Accelerator, backed by the ICEHOUSE. We are expecting an intense 3 months ahead. LightingLab will provide us with solid business mentoring and will challenge us in the right ways to make our product better and more valuable to our customers.

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