You can now send invoices and quotes to multiple email addresses!

Send Invoices and Quotes to multiple email addresses!

UI for choosing multiple contacts when sending an invoice in Roll

Not sure how often we've been asked for this functionality but it's a lot. Now, when sending quotes and invoices, you're able to add additional contacts from your company contacts list to the list of email recipients. If a contact isn't listed, you can easily add in their email address manually. Super easy, makes sense and just in time for end of month invoicing!

See all your notifications in one place

Roll notifications list

In line with our continued expansion of the notifications system in Roll, you can now go to your own notifications area in Roll and view all of your notifications in one place. Access this through your "My Tasks, My Time" area of Roll. Watch this space too as we're working on other areas where notifications will be especially useful to users.

Compare progress with your break even point

Roll's projected earnings graph

For admins and business owners, we've added the ability to display your company break even point (BEP) on the Project Earnings graph. This is great feature and a natural addition to Roll to help you see visually how you're progressing now and in the future against the break even point for your business. Great stuff to help you sleep at night (or not!). You can set your BEP in the settings area of Roll.

Additional features and improvements
  • Implementation of new system for sending invoices and quotes. Invoices and quotes are much less likely to be caught by spam filters.
  • Ability to set tax rates to 3 decimal places (for North America)
  • Repeating Invoices now support tags e.g. {Month} for automatically replaced month names.
  • Additional bug fixes and process improvements for retainers.
  • Additional bug fixes and process improvements for repeating invoices.
  • Additional bug fixes and process improvements for auto invoices.

Did you know our Product Roadmap is public? Check it out see what else is coming up and track our progress:

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