What our customers say about Roll

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Super easy to use, intuitive, clean design, not over complicated like other competitors.

10 Rob McGowan, Structure Engineering Ltd (Sydney, AU)
Industry: Engineering; Consulting

So easy to use, great standby support and tracks work well.

10 Jon Cooper, Viscous Exteriors Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Construction

It's an awesome programme, easy to read, easy to update, easy to see where you are at, easy to see where you should be, easy to change - it makes business life easy!

10 Karen, Kaz Graphic Dezign Ltd (Matamata, NZ)
Industry: Graphic

It has almost everything an agency needs.

9 Nardus, Boom Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

So far the day to day workings are great, however I always leave room for further development and improvement.

9 Jim Davies, Reprobrand Ltd (Edinburgh, UK)
Industry: Graphic

It works and is simple.

8 Neil Holt, Chinese Whispers Communications (Canberra, AU)
Industry: Graphic

Simple to use. Great looking platform.

10 William Cheong, Rede Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

We love the simplicity and usability of Roll for our business.

10 Lorenzo Canal, Urban Solutions Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Engineering; Architecture; Consulting

Perfect Product. It interfaces to Xero and is great for time management.

10 Priyanka, Net Branding (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

So far it's great but at this stage I don't know of anyone who needs this service. If I did, I would definately recommend it.

8 Sue, Liquid (South Yarra, AU)
Industry: Graphic; Digital

Easy of use. Simple easy layout. Fast.

8 Ben Cook, Recon Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Engineering; Consulting

It's awesome, but not quite there :)

9 Adrian, Efinity Digital (New Plymouth, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

I really like using the platform, it is occasionally missing features that I think would be useful.

9 Kyle, Upbound (Kellyville, AU)
Industry: Digital; SEM

Can't remember how I ran my business without it. Having this information out of my head, and in one easy to use place has given me room to grow (and for me to step back from the business a wee bit!).

10 Helen, Words For Breakfast (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Copywriting

Great support, well thought through product.

10 Kingi, Ignite Studios (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

Great product, couple of things missing though.

8 Tony Hall, TLH Marketing Ltd (Lancashire, UK)
Industry: Digital

I love how it integrates with Xero. I really like that you're introducing new features constantly.

8 Caroline, VaVaZoom NZ Ltd (NZ)
Industry: Graphic; Public Relations; SMM; SEM; Consulting

Best software we have tried so far - development pipeline is actually that, rather than a list of things that will never happen...

10 Justin Wannenburg, Social and Media Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic; SMM; SEM

Saves invoicing time. Ensures all staff hours are accounted for. Allows financial reporting in real time.

10 Jeremy Neilson, Recon Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting; Engineering

It's a good product and you have to pick some number and leave some room for improvement.

8 Kurt Lehmann, ADQ Piko Cleaning (Christchurch, NZ)
Industry: Cleaning

I absolutely love it! However, who else would use this software other than designers? They are my competitors, and I def don't want to recommend it them - it's too darn good to share with them! Start looking at other industries, you will knock them over with how simple it is. Well done guys, give yourselves a big pat on the back. :)

10 Tracey Stevenson, Artworkn (Richmond, AU)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

Has been easy to set up and looks easy to use.

9 Nicola Holman, Design Studio Limited (Dunedin, NZ)
Industry: Architecture

Great product, not overly expensive, handy do for freelancers to maximise there time and manage multiple projects.

9 Justin, Black Bear Creative (Pleasure Point, AU)
Industry: Graphic

Super fast and simple, may not work for projects/teams of all sizes

9 Luke, Alloy Marketing Ltd (Manchester, UK)
Industry: Graphic; Digital; SMM; SEM; Copywriting

It is easy to use. But I want the ability to turn off email notifications and as of yet can't seem to find it. Additionally, I want the ability to go into the timeline dashboard, select a day and have the breakdown of that day instead of having to piece it together from the week breakdown.

8 Adam, MADE STUDIO LIMITED (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Architecture

Great experience so far - the only gap between giving a ten is some unanswered questions.

8 Kelly Hopkinson, Efinity Digital (New Plymouth, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

I finally found a management software that does what my little company needs. Now, if I could get my Helvetica to work on my desktop version...

10 Robin Doty, Robin Doty Graphic Design (Cambridge, US)
Industry: Graphic

I still get the occasional complaint about minor issues as it's still not a completely mature product. UX and UI tweaks will continue to improve Roll (and the users trust in it) over time.

8 Jonathan Cupples, Propellerhead (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

Everything you need. In one simple tool.