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Our team love the simplicity and flexibility of ROLL. So many systems we considered had a lot of functionality that was not relevant but you still needed to pay for. We also work with clients in different ways and other systems could not cope with the different invoicing methods we needed. I have and will continue to recommend ROLL to other small business owners.

9 Carli Saw, Strawberry Seed Consulting (VIC, AU)
Industry: Consulting

Perfect for our organisation, allows a nice clean approach to job tracking and work flow.

8 Rod M, Black Square Engineering (Brisbane, AU)
Industry: Engineering

As a graphic and web designer it is important for me to keep track of projects, leads and time spent on each job. Roll allows me to do this with ease, and integrated with Xero ensures quoting and invoicing is quick and easy.

10 Stephanie Morpeth, Graphiques (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design

Everything in one place. Leads, time sheets and billing. Just makes sense.

9 Josh Bruce, Impact Consulting (Dunedin, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

I love ROLL, so easy to use and keep track of everything.

10 Angela Morland, Think Safety (NZ)
Industry: Health & Safety

Managing projects has been made a breeze!

9 Janine Christiansen, iStudios Multimedia (New Plymouth, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design

ROLL has increased my business productivity tenfold. Their intuitive interface, extensive features and reasonable pricing made the purchase a no-brainer. I am a customer for life!

10 Jenny Boone, Jenny Boone Web Studio (KY, USA)
Industry: Digital agency

I have found ROLL to be an effective way to record and manage my work times for projects. Very easy to understand and to implement into workflow.

10 Philip Penn, Essen Engineering (Wellington, NZ)
Industry: Engineering

ROLL was the solution we were looking for! Everything else we looked at was one dimensional or way too complicated for what we needed. ROLL gives us the flexibility to manage our clients in multiple ways only system we found to provide us with this functionality. Would highly recommend it to other Professional Services businesses.

9 Carli Saw, Strawberry Seed Consulting (VIC, AU)
Industry: Consulting

ROLL has been a game changer for us. We were using a much more complicated CRM and my staff just weren't engaging with it or using its expensive functionally. With ROLL, we have 100% participation and integration within the team! That's Gold!

9 Wes Wilson, Wilson Planning (NSW, AU)
Industry: Development Planners

We looked for and finally found job management software that does what it says on the box. ROLL simply works for us.

8 Stan Tucker, BDMA Revolution Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency

An intuitive and easy to use product with outstanding customer services on the very few times I've needed it.

10 Emily Reeves (AU)
Industry: Digital Marketing

Great to be able to have everything about a job in one place, and be able to invoice out from.

10 Terri, TG Design (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Graphic Design

It's great being able to accurately track the time I have spent on each job.

10 Jules Clark, Rocketscience Design (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Motion Design

I love ROLL! It makes managing my projects so much easier and organising all my tasks a dream.

9 Lucy Sargent, Pocketspace Interiors (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Interior Design

We love ROLL- it makes workflow easy and super easy when tracking time. We would definitely recommend ROLL for the graphic design and signage industry.

10 Tracey Stevenson, Artworkn (NSW, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design

ROLL does what we wanted after an exhaustive few years searching. Works for us.

8 Stan Tucker, BDMA Revolution (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency

Financial Forecasting Clarity. A thing of beauty.

10 Alex Murton, Onscreen Studio
Industry: Digital Agency

ROLL helps me stay on top of workflow and billings without tying up chunks of my time. It's intuitive and powerful, backs into Xero seamlessly and with a bit of discipline it has reduced our admin time over previous WorkflowMax / Xero combo by around 15%

10 Stephen Lane, Next (Cairns, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design

ROLL is everything we need to run our business profitably every hour, without all the stuff we don't need. It’s great, we have every aspect of sales and production business metrics in one place so we can progress, track and invoice every opportunity.

10 Owen Burns, THIRTY3SOUTH (NSW, AU)
Industry: Video Production

ROLL is great for keeping track of all the different clients I am working on at the same time. Great team and they are quick to answer any questions.

10 Angela, Think Pink Health and Safety (Waikato, NZ)
Industry: Health and Safety

I used to do invoicing manually and it was hard to keep track of everything. Using ROLL is so much easier. I can keep track of my client details, hours spent on a job and invoicing is a breeze.

8 Jo, Gecko Creative (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Graphic Design

We have been using ROLL for nearly two years, it has added massive value to our team and work flow, we noticed we were unable to use macrons which are important for a Māori business, our manager contacted ROLL and they added them to the platform. Ngā mihi uruhau.

10 Hori, Ariki Creative (Christchurch, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design

ROLL helps us manage, the many projects that we deal with concurrently. We are a boutique town planning and design practice and manage a huge number of proposals at the same time. before ROLL, some would fall through the cracks, but not now. We are very happy!

10 Tufan, The Planning Professionals (VIC, AU)
Industry: Urban Planning

Roll is everything we need! Plus more!

9 Ben Creighton, AreCreative (NSW, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design; Digital Agency

Paperwork is my least favourite part of owning a business. ROLL makes it so much manageable. Tracking what's coming in and when, keeping an eye on the time - all much less painful with ROLL.

10 Belinda King (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Graphic Design; Digital Agency; Copywriting

I was one of the early users of ROLL. As a Graphic Designer the main feature I was looking for was time tracking. ROLL allows for super easy time tracking no matter what device I use as well as keeping track of costs against a job and really easy invoicing with a simple clean design. To anyone in the design industry ROLL is a must have. I'm just in the process of integrating it with Xero as well which is going to make my life even easier.

10 Tanya, Mooya Creative (Melbourne, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design

ROLL is great for forecasting, the business metrics page is such a clear and helpful summary.

Ally, Greenview Consulting (NSW, AU)
Industry: Engineering; Consulting

ROLL has been a great tool in the everyday workflow of Web Development. Having all projects in one place and being able to allocate time to these has made getting on with the job alot easier.

8 Derek, Webfox (Napier, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency

ROLL has given us a way to track the ‘pulse’ of the business & improve on our business coaching deliverables. The Team is accessible & easy to deal with when it comes to support.

8 Nick, Next Practice Education (Sydney, AU)
Industry: Consulting

I don't know how we functioned as a business without ROLL. We're now more efficient, more profitable and offer better account management for our clients. It also makes managing day to day tasks really simple, especially since we operate with a mostly remote work force.

10 Helen, Words For Breakfast (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Copywriting

Fluid design, easy to use UX and great support... and we've just started.

8 Stan Tucker, BDMA Revolution Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design

Best customer service team ever.

10 Dan McFarlane, Pilgrim Communications (Sydney, AU)
Industry: Consulting; Public Relations

I’m sure ROLL was built specifically for our business. From pipeline all the way through to cash collection, it is our single reference point. Our sales team runs to their targets, our producers assign tasks and manage, and our efficiency is measured through time tracking, all from within ROLL. Even our accountant loves it.

10 Owen Burns, THIRTY3SOUTH (NSW, AU)
Industry: Video Production

ROLL has become an integral part of our creative business. It's simple to use, intuitive and reduces time spent on admin.

8 Lee Philo, Creative Philosophy (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Graphic Design

So far so good. ROLL is an intuitive program that has helped me find 2 hours a week so far that I had lost to managing the office.

9 Peter Wolfenden, Place Architects (VIC, AU)
Industry: Architecture

Prior to using ROLL, we would spend between 4-5 hours each month summarising the projects and associated costs via an excel spreadsheet. Using ROLL has reduced that time to 1-2 hours. It has also allowed us to have visibility of our pipeline which we didn't have beforehand! Love using ROLL!

8 Olivia Kruger, Diversitas (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

I think ROLL is simple, easy to use and doesn't overcomplicate things, this makes me more likely to use it, also the phone app is great.

10 Nikki King, Fuzzbox Designs (Masterton, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design; Social Media Marketing

We’ve found ROLL to be a great system that intuitively integrates leads pipeline, contacts, time-sheets and pushes draft invoices to Xero. Heaps of helpful features. Highly recommended.

9 Josh Bruce, Impact Consulting (NZ)
Industry: Consulting

I like ROLL because it works like we do. We've tried heaps of other project management systems and CRM systems and they've all overcomplicated things for small design agencies. ROLL is a simple tool for knowing what you are doing and where your business is at, it even has a great phone app.

10 Peter King, Fuzzbox Designs (Masterton, NZ)
Industry: Digital Agency; Graphic Design; Social Media Marketing

We're now more organised and streamlined than ever before. Our jobs are more transparent and reporting to the board on forward work is a breeze. Keep up the great work team!!

10 Jeremy Neilson, Recon Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

We absolutely LOVE ROLL. Our office is now paperless - no more job sheets. Our production is so much smoother and forecasting is a breeze. Can't wait to use the new App.

10 Tracey Stevenson, Artworkn (NSW, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design

ROLL is the gem we have been looking for to streamline our engineering firm!

10 Jeff Froster, Froster Engineering (Perth, AU)
Industry: Engineering

We are loving it so far so thanks for being super smart for developing something so functional yet affordable for businesses like ours :)

Chantal Hall, Codeswitch (AU)
Industry: Consulting

We had been searching for a while to find one combined program to replace three we were using for CRM, Task Management and Employee Timesheets, which was costing us a small fortune. We have found this in ROLL - we are so happy with the product and the support we've been offered. Our software bill has been more than halved. As a web development and SEO company we need to keep track of multiple projects and multiple tasks with multiple employees and ROLL has streamlined the process. Importantly we needed more accurate pictures of job profitability and expected revenue. ROLL manages this so well with a very clear visual representation of our financial position. There have been a few functions I would have liked such as a daily breakdown of hours for individual employees but the team at ROLL have been great with explanation and taking comments and requests on board.

10 Joy Graham, Web Wizards (Perth, AU)
Industry: Digital agency

When setting up my business I was looking for a simple way to track all aspects of my business with integration with Xero and ROLL filled the gap perfectly.

Their customer service and support is top notch and look I forward to using ROLL and watching it develop.

9 Matt, Visio (NZ)
Industry: Graphic design

Just love ROLL, not complicated and easy to set up. Have referred lots of people that find it great when needing to simply create better ways to track their time, either on jobs or their day to day work. Plus you can invoice from directly from ROLL and it imports into Xero.

8 Nadine Rathjens, Madam Bookkeeper Limited (NZ)
Industry: Bookkeeping

I researched for quite some time before I settled on ROLL as my time management solution. I love the flexibility that I can log into it anywhere and my freelancers can easily log their times instead of me remembering to. Being a designer, the layout of the documentation the clients see was extremely important to me as well as functionality. Everything is clean, streamlined and so easy to use. Would recommend ROLL to anyone in the design/creative industry that invoice on a time and cost basis.

8 Tanya, Mooya Creative (Melbourne, AU)
Industry: Graphic Design

We have found ROLL the perfect tool for project management and an it is now an essential tool of our business - we love it!

10 Debbie Domican, Dom Education Group (Chatham, UK)
Industry: Education

ROLL seems to have been developed for our company. It has streamlined our process and kept everyone on task. Every single person on the team is now thinking about profitability on each job. Awesome!

10 Owen Burns, THIRTY3SOUTH (Woolooware, AU)
Industry: Digital Agency; Public relations

As a small consulting engineering business, having an affordable project management/ invoicing/ client system is key for timeline management. The added bonus of timesheets allows you to realise if the fee proposals versus actuals are working and you are making money. This is key to ensuring my business keeps running well into the future.

I was surprised at the package and what it has offered.

7 Alison Crittenden, Civil Perpsective (North Lakes, AU)
Industry: Engineering

ROLL provides a clean and simple experience with great features.

As a consultant, ROLL makes it easy for me to track my time and costs against multiple customers and projects - which means I can focus more on getting the work done!

10 Loryan Strant, The Cloud Mouth Pty Ltd (South Yarra, AU)
Industry: Consulting

Love the integration with Xero and the ease of creating quotes and invoices, replicating previous templates.

6 Sally Roberts, European Car Imports Ltd (Wiri, NZ)
Industry: Car Importing

Our digital marketing agency, Net Branding, has been using ROLL for almost a year. This tool has made project management easy for our team. We are able to manage our leads, ongoing retainers, time tracking and task management all in one tool. Very happy with the tool. Highly recommended.

10 Parwarsha Mirza, Net Branding (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: SEM; SMM; Digital

ROLL is great! Project management and invoicing all in one place, integration with Xero and excellent support from the ROLL team.

10 Bec Bennett, Firefish Creative (Erina, AU)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

Super easy to use, intuitive, clean design, not over complicated like other competitors.

10 Rob McGowan, Structure Engineering Ltd (Sydney, AU)
Industry: Engineering; Consulting

So easy to use, great standby support and tracks work well.

10 Jon Cooper, Viscous Exteriors Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Construction

It's an awesome programme, easy to read, easy to update, easy to see where you are at, easy to see where you should be, easy to change - it makes business life easy!

10 Karen, Kaz Graphic Dezign Ltd (Matamata, NZ)
Industry: Graphic

It has almost everything an agency needs.

9 Nardus, Boom Ltd (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

So far the day to day workings are great, however I always leave room for further development and improvement.

9 Jim Davies, Reprobrand Ltd (Edinburgh, UK)
Industry: Graphic

It works and is simple.

8 Neil Holt, Chinese Whispers Communications (Canberra, AU)
Industry: Graphic

Simple to use. Great looking platform.

10 William Cheong, Rede Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

We love the simplicity and usability of ROLL for our business.

10 Lorenzo Canal, Urban Solutions Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Engineering; Architecture; Consulting

Perfect Product. It interfaces to Xero and is great for time management.

10 Priyanka, Net Branding (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

So far it's great but at this stage I don't know of anyone who needs this service. If I did, I would definitely recommend it.

8 Sue, Liquid (South Yarra, AU)
Industry: Graphic; Digital

Easy of use. Simple easy layout. Fast.

8 Ben Cook, Recon Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Engineering; Consulting

It's awesome, but not quite there :)

9 Adrian, Efinity Digital (New Plymouth, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

I really like using the platform, it is occasionally missing features that I think would be useful.

9 Kyle, Upbound (Kellyville, AU)
Industry: Digital; SEM

Can't remember how I ran my business without it. Having this information out of my head, and in one easy to use place has given me room to grow (and for me to step back from the business a wee bit!).

10 Helen, Words For Breakfast (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Copywriting

Great support, well thought through product.

10 Kingi, Ignite Studios (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

Great product, couple of things missing though.

8 Tony Hall, TLH Marketing Ltd (Lancashire, UK)
Industry: Digital

I love how it integrates with Xero. I really like that you're introducing new features constantly.

8 Caroline, VaVaZoom NZ Ltd (NZ)
Industry: Graphic; Public Relations; SMM; SEM; Consulting

Best software we have tried so far - development pipeline is actually that, rather than a list of things that will never happen...

10 Justin Wannenburg, Mantis Digital (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Digital; Graphic; SMM; SEM

Saves invoicing time. Ensures all staff hours are accounted for. Allows financial reporting in real time.

10 Jeremy Neilson, Recon Limited (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting; Engineering

It's a good product and you have to pick some number and leave some room for improvement.

8 Kurt Lehmann, ADQ Piko Cleaning (Christchurch, NZ)
Industry: Cleaning

I absolutely love it! However, who else would use this software other than designers? They are my competitors, and I def don't want to recommend it them - it's too darn good to share with them! Start looking at other industries, you will knock them over with how simple it is. Well done guys, give yourselves a big pat on the back. :)

10 Tracey Stevenson, Artworkn (Richmond, AU)
Industry: Digital; Graphic

Has been easy to set up and looks easy to use.

9 Nicola Holman, Design Studio Limited (Dunedin, NZ)
Industry: Architecture

Great product, not overly expensive, handy do for freelancers to maximise there time and manage multiple projects.

9 Justin, Black Bear Creative (Pleasure Point, AU)
Industry: Graphic

Super fast and simple, may not work for projects/teams of all sizes

9 Luke, Alloy Marketing Ltd (Manchester, UK)
Industry: Graphic; Digital; SMM; SEM; Copywriting

It is easy to use. But I want the ability to turn off email notifications and as of yet can't seem to find it. Additionally, I want the ability to go into the timeline dashboard, select a day and have the breakdown of that day instead of having to piece it together from the week breakdown.

8 Adam, MADE STUDIO LIMITED (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Architecture

Great experience so far - the only gap between giving a ten is some unanswered questions.

8 Kelly Hopkinson, Efinity Digital (New Plymouth, NZ)
Industry: Digital; SMM; SEM

I finally found a management software that does what my little company needs. Now, if I could get my Helvetica to work on my desktop version...

10 Robin Doty, Robin Doty Graphic Design (Cambridge, US)
Industry: Graphic

I still get the occasional complaint about minor issues as it's still not a completely mature product. UX and UI tweaks will continue to improve ROLL (and the users trust in it) over time.

8 Jonathan Cupples, Propellerhead (Auckland, NZ)
Industry: Consulting

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