Find out how ROLL is helping businesses work better and smarter.

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Attraction Studio

Published on May 9th 2018

Attraction Studio is a brand, web and marketing company based in Christchurch. Read how ROLL has helped with efficiency and business performance accountability. “We searched through over 30 options with a specific criteria list, and ROLL was a clear winner.”

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Pilgrim Communications

Published on March 20th 2018

Pilgrim Communications is a Sydney-based, boutique marketing organisation that creates brand journeys for consumers. Read how ROLL has given them better business oversight and saved admin time.

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The Learning Wave

Published on March 15th 2018

The Learning Wave provide personalised coaching and learning solutions to businesses. They empower, enable and equip people to perform and achieve success. Read how ROLL has streamlined their systems and provided visibility over the business.

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Mantis Digital - Digital Agency

Published on September 12th 2017

Mantis Digital are an Auckland based Digital Agency who help clients of all kinds build and grow their businesses online.

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Urban Solutions - Improving our business

Published on July 4th 2017

Urban Solutions is an engineering project management consultancy. They are qualified engineers and project management professionals who work to initiate, plan, procure and deliver capital works projects. Read about the issues they faced and the improvements ROLL was able bring to their business.

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Susie Easterbrook - Providing better accounting services

Published on August 16th 2016

Find out how ROLL helps Susie Easterbrook provide better accounting services to her clients - and manage her own business.

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Froster Engineering – Focusing on what matters most

Published on July 6th 2016

ROLL has helped Jeff from Froster Engineering streamline his business, remove distractions and focus on what matters most. Read more about why Jeff loves ROLL.

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looking down onto an office desk which shows a lap, notepad, pencils, phone and an open book

Haigs Design - Time to keep track of jobs properly

Published on March 1st 2016

Find out about how creative agency Haigs Design went from managing jobs in their heads to having an efficient system to keep track of their jobs. Now they know they won't forget or miss the little things.

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A rocket is at the begining stages of being launched into space with burners firing and smoke billowing out from the bottom

Rocketshp: Why we dropped Salesforce for ROLL

Published on December 10th 2015

Rocketshp’s Mark Hayes shares how dropping industry giants Salesforce for ROLL helped them truly streamline the business and get the whole team on the same page.

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The Selective – Getting rid of Excel spreadsheets

Published on December 4th 2015

Find out why Emma from The Selective ditched her spreadsheets for ROLL.

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Design Dairy - Switching pen and paper for ROLL

Published on November 29th 2015

Find out why creative agency Design Dairy ditched pen and paper for ROLL to take their business to the next level.

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