Providing better accounting services, thanks to ROLL

Susie Easterbrook runs her own business, providing bookkeeping and admin support services to creative companies and freelancers. She works with a range of agencies and individuals to help them better manage their businesses and finances.

ROLL User: Susie Easterbrook
The Business: Bookkeeping services

Life before ROLL

Historically, most of Susie’s clients would use a combination of Xero, spreadsheets and iPhone contact records to manage their businesses. While this was a simple, low cost system, it did frequently cause issues.

“Having information in all these different places resulted in inconsistent data and too much room for inaccuracy. And it was too manual and time consuming.”

Things changed when one of her clients introduced Susie to ROLL. The client had discovered ROLL as a better way to manage their workflows and overall business. ROLL replaced the manual and messy spreadsheets and, thanks to the seamless integrations with Xero, Susie’s client now had all essential information about their business in one place.

It didn’t take Susie long to see the value ROLL could offer, not only for her other clients, but also for her own business.

Life with ROLL

Today, ROLL is the tool Susie uses every day to manage her own business and four of her clients.

“I use ROLL to view my personal workflow and hours worked and just generally manage my work. When it comes to working with my clients, I use the pipeline in ROLL for cashflow management and budgeting purposes. I also keep an eye on how many hours are being worked on each job to monitor studio time and enable my clients to give their clients quick progress reports.”

ROLL’s awesome, two-way integrations with Xero is another reason Susie and her clients love it.

“We have ROLL integrated with Xero which means we can send invoices through to Xero directly from ROLL - without even logging into Xero. This is awesome because it cuts out double handling and reduces human error which often tends to be an issue with multiple data entry points.”

The fact that ROLL is in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere is another key benefit for Susie:

“Some of my clients just like to ring me to find out customer or billing information without having to log in themselves. So being able to login from anywhere is fantastic.”
Why Susie and her clients love ROLL

Overval, Susie and her clients love how simple it is to use ROLL and how it helps them get more visibility of their businesses.

“ROLL is simple and easy to use. I really like that all the information I need is in one central place. It gives me and my clients much more visibility and clearer forecasting”