Mantis Digital

ROLL Users: Garth Nicholls, Justin Wannenburg
The Business: Mantis Digital
Industry: Digital Agency
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Who are Mantis Digital?

Mantis Digital are an Auckland based Digital Agency run by Garth and Justin who help clients of all kinds build and grow their businesses online. They’re a lively bunch of wildly talented designers, brainiac developers and obsessive specialists who just plain love working with the internet. The Mantis Digital service offering includes a range of integrated digital services from website design and development to social media strategy and management.

What makes them different?

Mantis Digital have found that a combined and holistic approach to digital is the most effective. They employ strategies that allow them to learn about their clients’ businesses in depth which in tern helps them create a comprehensive digital strategy to deliver the results they need.

Software before ROLL

Prior to choosing ROLL to run their digital agency, Mantis Digital tried multiple different tools including WorkflowMax, Wrike, Asana, Minutedoc as well as a mishmash of spreadsheets, emails and chat programs.

Life before ROLL

The pain they had were around visibility of business performance and deal flow for a growing business. Their existing software only dealt with a specific part of the business e.g CRM or Task Management and failed to provide a global view of how the business was performing, how they were tracking and how their cash and deal flow was shaping up.

The other pain they had was that the software was also clumsy and difficult to use with convoluted process. They needed a system that was easy for everyone to use “If it wasn’t a pleasure to use, people simply won’t use it” as Director Garth Nicholls says.

What they were looking for was one system that tracked and organised the full project life cycle, from initial lead and quote through to project management, time tracking, invoicing, and repeated maintenance if needed.

What has ROLL done for your business?

“It’s pretty straight forward. ROLL has been transformational for our systems and processes. 4 key areas where ROLL has been revolutionary for us include:

“ROLL has been transformational for our systems and processes.”
  1. Given us much better insight into what we're working on and how our projects are performing.
  2. Massively optimised our time capture and end of month invoicing headaches.
  3. Made it easy for us to get meaningful statistics and feedback on the health of our business.
  4. Helped systemise the project lifecycle from start to finish.

From my perspective as a business owner, the critical aspect that ROLL provides is the business visibility. Knowing how my business is performing allows me to make informed business decisions and decisions around what areas I need to focus on.”

Can you quantify the value that ROLL has given you in time or money saved?

“Difficult to say but we tried a great many solutions and this is the one that finally ticks all the boxes and it certainly makes invoicing easier at the end of the month. The fact that we can generate an invoice from an existing job rather than re-keying data from one application to another is massive with the invoice information appearing in Xero immediately. Invoicing time alone has reduced from 2 days to 4-6 hours.”

“Invoicing time alone has reduced from 2 days to 4-6 hours.”
What are two standout benefits that you love about ROLL?
  1. “The integrated time tracking is a breeze to use... which means it actually gets used.
  2. The end to end project flow from lead to invoice with Xero integration saves a lot of re-keying of data from one application to another, gives us valuable metrics along the way and significantly streamlines our processes.”
If you were to sum up ROLL in one sentence... what would that be?
“It's an indispensable tool that runs a connective thread through our entire business, helping us track and project leads, quotes, projects, tasks, time, invoicing... it's basically our Swiss Army knife and we love it!”
— Garth Nicholls