Haigs Design - Time to keep track of jobs properly

ROLL Users: Jen Perry and Tanya Haig
The Business: Haigs Design
Industry: Graphic Design Agency
Size: 2 People

Life before ROLL

Tanya started Haigs Design in 2004. By 2007 the business had grown so much that additional (wo)man power was needed so Jen joined to help with the increasing workload and opportunities. Being a small team Jen and Tanya mostly managed the business manually and ‘in their heads’, not following any specific process or system to keep track of jobs.

The two make a great team and new work was coming in – mostly thanks to positive word of mouth from existing clients.


More recently they started to realised the unstructured and manual way might not be the most efficient and profitable way to run a design business. As Jen puts it: “There was always a worry we would miss or forget jobs, especially if they weren’t high priority ones and especially when we’d get super busy. And we’d need to constantly check in with each other about projects and their status.”

“There was always a worry we would miss or forget jobs”

Tanya and Jen decided it was time to put on their big girl pants and start keeping track of jobs properly. They heard about ROLL through their network and decided to give it a go.

“As the business had grown so much, we thought it was about time we kept track of our jobs properly.”
Life with ROLL

Haigs Design now uses ROLL to track and manage all their jobs. Both of them are very good at keeping each and every job up to date and allocating which team member or client is responsible for the next step. Once all the data is put into ROLL, the software’s simple search and filter functions help Tanya and Jen stay on top of all their jobs. By putting all jobs, even small ones, into the system and categorising them as ‘Pipeline’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ means no opportunities are missed and they always know exactly where each job is at.

Why Haigs Design loves ROLL

Jen and Tanya often manage a large number of jobs at the same time. So they love the ability to sort the project list by client and by team member, making it easy to get visibility of all their projects and who is working on what. The ability to leave notes on jobs has also proven to be really valuable as it saves them time, makes it easier to collaborate on jobs and reduces the risk of doubling up on work or missing little details.

Closing comment:
“We love changing the team icon from us back to the client when our step has been done – it’s very satisfying! Using the star for urgent jobs is great too. It’s also great to leave notes on jobs for each other and have all the top-line info on each job in one place.”