The Selective – Getting rid of Excel spreadsheets

ROLL User: Emma Clarke
The Business: The Selective
Industry: Marketing & Creative Services Agency

Life before ROLL

Emma was using Excel to manage her projects and sales pipeline because it was easily accessible and did the job well - In the beginning…


As the business grew, managing an increased number of contractors and tracking various lead sources ended up being complicated and messy. It became too difficult to track the large quantity of sales leads and extract valuable information.

“I often have 10+ suppliers and contractors working for me, and leads come through a variety of sources. It is important that a clear record is kept of what the projects are, where they came from, and who is working on them.”

Emma started to look for alternatives to her spreadsheets. But she struggled to find a suitable solution. Until she discovered ROLL.

Life with ROLL

The Selective now uses ROLL to manage projects, clients and contractors, track lead sources and keep track of the value and profit figures for each individual project. ROLL also helps Emma and the team to manage the sales pipeline and make sure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

“Once I had entered leads in ROLL I was really surprised, at how much opportunity there was around.”
Why The Selective loves ROLL

The team loves ROLL because it’s designed specifically for the creative environment. It’s easy to use and does everything they need without the complexity of other solutions.

“Super easy. There’s a minimal learning curve with ROLL.”
Closing comment:
“There’s no complexity. Crucially, it has a very good process flow.”