Design Dairy - Switching pen and paper for ROLL

ROLL User: Jonathan Templeman
The Business: Design Dairy
Industry: Design Agency
Size: 6 People

Life before ROLL

Jonathan has been the owner and manager of creative agency Design Dairy for over 9 years. For most of that time he has successfully managed the business with pen and paper and the power of his memory.


As the business grew, Jonathan’s manual system reached its limits (there is only so much one man’s memory can handle); little things were missed, work was doubled up on, and too much time was spent on administrative work.


Jonathan decided it’s time to take his agency to the 21st century and use ROLL to better manage the business. And he never looked back.

Life with ROLL

Today Design Dairy uses ROLL to manage all their projects and contacts in one place. ROLL also functions as the communication and collaboration platform for the team where they track time spent on projects, leave comments and share key information. And for Jonathan ROLL means he has full visibility of his business’s financial performance at any time with a click of a button. With ROLL Jonathan and his team are saving heaps of time which means they can spend more time doing work for clients.

"Trying to do this with pen and paper and memory was a much more time consuming process than doing it with ROLL."
Why Design Dairy loves ROLL

The team loves ROLL because it’s easy to use and everything is right there in one place. The whole team now has full visibility of what’s happening with each project, what the priorities are and what they need to work on. And for Jonathan that means less time explaining and more time doing.

"ROLL gives everyone in our team full visibility into what’s going on with each project. That means; less time explaining and more time doing"
Closing comment:
"ROLL is really easy to use, and gives me a really good snapshot of the business. It has much more potential than I have been using so far so it will be future proof. As the business grows you need more structure and ROLL can handle that very well."