Week three has been all about customer interviews, we conducted 20 this week and from there have validated that our target market of creative agencies is right, and that the best fit is with those who have aspirations to grow. We also have more insight into the problem these businesses all face.

The problem we are seeing time and time again is that the SaaS market is not effectively empowering small businesses. Instead, it is making life harder, where businesses are using 3, 4 or even 5 different products to manage their business, yet still resorting to spreadsheets for their overall top level business visibility. There are collectively high monthly fees on all these products, yet the business often only uses 10-20% of the features the products have to offer.

We find this extremely interesting and exciting! We believe we can solve this problem effectively with Roll. Now on to validating this idea further. We need to make sure we find out what the core features these companies need in their software, and envision how our product may (or may not) need to change to suit.

Mark has been practicing, practicing practicing his60 second pitch, and is getting much better at articulating what we are all about at lighting speed. We also had a great time pitching at GRIDAKL and drinking cocktails sponsored by Stolen Rum on Friday.

ROLL is the simplest way to manage your business and projects.