22 more mentor meetings and a St Paddy's day later... We have been doing research into the key pain points of small businesses, getting a better and bigger picture on the fuller processes that these businesses go through. Throwing assumptions out the door so we can really understand our customer. Good fun!

We are starting to formulate some great vision and clarity around our product, and our customer interviews are yielding some insightful data. However, we still have more research to do. We want to do this part well so that we can use our findings as a solid foundation to base our future decisions on.

We are also starting to engage further with certain mentors, and thereby starting to create the team around us that will support us best. We are exceptionally grateful to have this kind of people resource at our fingertips.

Tristan and Mark had 9 meetings to attend on Thursday, so a big pat on the back to them!

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