So week 1 #LLAKL is over and what a ride it’s been! Overall our team is buzzing and super excited about what this process is going to bring for us. We have met with 23 mentors this week, and have been encouraged greatly as well as had our ideas challenged — and that’s the best thing for growth and improvement.

A win for us this week was launching the new look of our website. Great job Candice! Meeting with the quantity of mentors has been tiring, but valuable. Further understanding our market is now one of our top priorities, which means we will be talking to our existing and potential customers about what their 'pain points' of managing a small creative agencies are, and get further insight into their processes. This will help us provide our customers with a tool that they truly need, and not just base our decisions on assumptions.

Working from the GRIDAKL over the last week has been a welcome environment change. The energy here is great; all 9 tech start ups have so much expectation! The view isn't bad either.

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