For years now, software tools have been providing businesses better and faster ways to manage their back-office. However, until more recent times, the focus has been on features over outcome. The real result of this, is the current state of fragmented and feature-bloated software that actually struggle to really empower the businesses that use them.

If you want to move forward from simply managing your business, to having real business intelligence, you must find and use data in ways that truly supercharge your efforts and decision making process.

If you need to know whether you're going to earn enough money this month to cover all your costs, you need to be looking at your projects and what milestones you need to be reaching in order to invoice enough.

If you want to get in more sales leads, you need to be looking at where your current leads all came from and where would be most effective to focus your marketing efforts.

What you find out very quickly is that these key decisions start to correlate as well. Perhaps closing down this prospect over that one is actually more beneficial because they have a better payment history. Or reaching one project's milestone over another can actually influence future sales with that client as well.

That's why with Roll, we aim to give you one place to hold all your valuable back-office data, and then actually use that to report back to you on where your focus needs to be. If you can see all of your important data quickly and in real time, you can discover trends and correlations across all aspects of your business, that's what real business intelligence is all about.

You'll save the time and stress wasted with hunting down that data you need or building spreadsheets and reports to tell you what to do, allowing you to focus more on what you do best, while your business intelligently runs itself!

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ROLL is the simplest way to manage your business and projects.