The two golden rules of running a successful small business is knowing where your leads are coming from and managing your cash flow. The Roll dashboard allows you to get these two pieces of crucial information in one place in an easily digestible format as illustrated on the below screenshot.

Roll dashboard showing lead sources and monthly revenue data

Screenshot of the Roll dashboard view

This simple view provides insight into how your business is doing and enables you to focus your time and effort on other important aspects of running your business.

The value of tracking your leads

Having a better understanding of where your business is coming from and monitoring the performance of different channels allows you to distinguish the most cost effective ways of selling your products or services. This will let you grow your business quicker and more effectively. Letting you decide how to get more value for money from your marketing budget.

The Roll dashboard cleverly distinguishes the source of your leads, therefore allowing you to quickly gain this insight when analysing your business.

Improved cash flow visibility

Focusing your efforts on the right promotional avenues should also have a positive effect on your business cash flow. By pursuing marketing activities that provide you with most return, you create a healthier business where the most valuable promotional activities are well managed and developed.

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