Thank you very much to our ROLL customers who participated in our recent feedback survey. We’re excited to share the findings here, which we will use to continue to improve ROLL so you can get on with achieving growth for your business.

To provide some context of the data, 95% of the survey respondents were business owners. A third of these have been using ROLL for more than three years, and 22% have been using it for up to a year. So we’re confident the data we’re sharing is from a broad range of customers, some new to ROLL and some long-time customers.

We asked the respondents what factors influenced how they choose software for their business. Most indicated that the option to test out software with a free trial is a key factor. This was followed by the ability to integrate with Xero, the specific product features available, the price point and the ability to use an ‘all in one’ tool.

“It just makes it so easy to manage all my projects and work.”

Because so many businesses we come across are attracted to the concept of a simple ‘all in one’ tool, we asked about other tools that businesses had been using prior to ROLL. Of the respondents, 25% were using spreadsheets, 22% had used WorkflowMax, 19% used Asana, 9% used Monday, 4% used Jira, 4% used Harvest, and a small number of respondents mentioned Accelo and Scoro.

We’re always interested in finding out what other software businesses are using or comparing ROLL to because we’re committed to continuous improvement and meeting (and staying ahead of) customer needs. Some of the feedback we received told us that more visual project management features – similar to what Monday and Asana offer – would be useful if included with ROLL.

We love receiving ideas for updates or enhancements to ROLL, and are thankful to the 83% of respondents who offered other suggestions around what they’d love to see in ROLL. The top five requested were:

  1. Calendar views
  2. More integrations made available via Zapier
  3. Date ranges
  4. Login history
  5. Purchase Order (PO) numbers

Other ideas submitted were the ability to add status levels for projects and to have more CRM features, such as customer call logging.

We were blown away by some of the feedback we received and we are stoked to see how many of you love using ROLL. Curious about how integral to your business ROLL has become, we were blown away by the whopping 66% of respondents who said they would be very disappointed if they could no longer use ROLL We love that we’re able to help so many people work more efficiently!

“The impact has been huge! I have all my customer/account data in one place, I can access anywhere, anytime. It has streamlined my workflow and been invaluable to my organisation. I’d be devastated if I could no longer use Roll.”

So, what’s keeping businesses up at night? It’s no surprise that the current economic environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused strain on a number of businesses. Many respondents highlighted the need to look after their staff – taking care of them financially as well as looking after their wellbeing. Because of these concerns, key challenges ahead for the next 12 months for many respondents included keeping work coming in, remaining profitable, and being able to forecast ahead. We’d like to think ROLL can help with these things, helping businesses forecast, plan and manage their resources most effectively.

“It's been huge. It helped us move from taking a few orders to now being able to manage unlimited orders. Each order is unique with forms to be completed, design processes and printing requirements. ROLL allows me to communicate with our team and make sure nothing is missed.”


“I'm still only getting started, but seeing what I have to bill and in the pipeline in one easy place has been so worthwhile.”

We are happy to hear that ROLL continues to be a helpful tool, even during difficult times for some businesses. Respondents predominantly described ROL as simple, easy to use and flexible. We received comments about its intuitive features, that it was powerful yet fun to use. And we heard feedback about its value in being able to provide clarity across projects and staff time, making project management much easier for you get on with what you need to.

“It’s the brain of our business.”

Our customer support and service were given a lot of great feedback – which spins our wheels because we love talking to you. We want to make sure ROLL is doing everything you need it to do and that it’s making your job easier.

Have a read about some of the feature updates we’ve made recently at

We want to continue to ensure that ROLL remains useful and relevant, so if you have any other feedback or requests, please head over to our ROLL Forum where you can provide any feature requests you have.

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“Your aftersales service is fantastic - the team are always available, knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Such a great product at a price that small businesses can afford, and so awesome that you're a Kiwi business.”

ROLL is the simplest way to manage your business and projects.