This week has seen a big shift in focus, and it feels great to get things moving in the sales and traction arena. Our telemarketing approach has kicked off with a roar (17 trial sign ups in 2 days!), with an initial hit rate of 90% to trial signup. This is evidence that people are looking for a solution and we are getting some great customer engagement and feedback.

Based on all this great feedback we have been able to build a clear picture around what we need to build in order to achieve our initial product-market-fit.

We have a new team member on board for the next 4 weeks. Jessica Alouette (who you can see on the right above), will be helping us out in the design and front-end development department. Particularly around our 'testing' items such as landing pages and emails.

A few team highlights for this week:
• Confirming Debra Hall as our lead mentor
• Having group session with Jane Melville-Allen, refining ideas around how we engage with our user base
• Listening to and falling in love with the words of Sam Altman
• Greatly improving on our pitch!

A big goals for next week is getting 65 new trial signups and making more headway on product development planning. Only 53 days until the end of the Lab now, but now we are humming!

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