People love the ROLL user interface (UI). We get comments on it all the time. That doesn't mean that it's perfect though.

Brand and user interface (UI) update

When we came up with the Roll brand, we did it as a team. Some of this worked and some of it didn't and in some instances, what it resulted in was compromise in which no one was really that happy. It was a really interesting experiment to learn from and we've made some great calls as a team but sometimes, decisions need to made by less people not more in order to get great output. As a result, we've never really been that comfortable with the old ROLL blue colour. It felt intense and claustrophobic so when we got the chance to update it with some additional UI changes, we went for it.

The new ROLL blue and updated UI reflects a clean and inviting interface and also our future. It's minor stuff but has a huge impact on the application, the brand and peoples feelings towards it. In beta mode, we had nothing but good comments from people loving the fresh new look and we hope you'll love it too.

Projects search screen in Roll

Other updates

As well as an updated brand and UI, we've made a small but dramatic improvement to the Tasks area to enable sorting of Tasks by date rather than by project. To be honest, we should have done this a long time ago and it has been asked for a lot. This effectively allows our customers to order their Tasks by date so they can order the tasks that have the nearest due dates first. The old way of ordering by project is still available but now ROLL users can choose which ordering option they want and switch between them as needed.

Tasks search screen in Roll

Mobile App nears completion

It's coming. Here's the first teaser screenshot for you. In the next week or so, we'll be inviting users who signed up to try the Beta release of the app to download it and start providing feedback. Once the Beta release is bug free and working well, it won't take long to port an Android version for the Google Play Store...stay tuned!

Photo of pink cycle path in Auckland NZ - the Roll mobile app landing page

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