Easter and energy! The vision for our product is heightening, and we have had great support from mentors around us. Our current customer insights have been converted into an online survey which went out Thursday this week. We have also been making some small development changes following user feedback.

Week 4 rounds out the first month of Lightning Lab, which means that we will be moving from the validation of our product phase, into product development and traction, AKA the haul ass phase.

There are a few key people that are helping us shift into this phase. Debra Hall has helped us loads with the initial customer interview framework, the survey creation (which was sent out to many creative agencies) and is currently pointing us in the right direction to quantify the size of opportunity in our target market. Our resident UX experts Heath and Alex from PWC are setting us up with some user testing and co-design opportunity, which will lead us nicely into our product development decisions. Next week we meet with Jane Melville-Allen, with whom we are having a target market and messaging refinement workshop.

Enjoy the chocolate.

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